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Camryn Mini Senior Session | Whitley County, Indiana Senior Photographer | Photography by Meg Miller

Camryn and her mom met me on a gorgeous spring (can I call it spring yet?) night at one of my favorite spots in Whitley county. This spot is home to beautiful things that remind me of Indiana: wide open fields, stunning sunsets, and amazing horses (which you may recognize if you've visited Barefoot and Bluegrass).

This spot was perfect for Camryn's mini senior session!  We soaked up the sun and warm(er) temperatures as we discussed Camryn's future at Alabama in the fall!  So very excited for this amazing young woman. Cannot wait to see what is in store for her!

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Coolidge Senior Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Homestead High School | Photography by Meg Miller


You've heard the expression true beauty shines from the inside out... well Abby is the perfect example of that. She was the perfect example of a kind soul. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for this lovely young lady!

Abby thanks for trusting me to capture you during this very special time. Wishing you a wonderful senior year and beyond!

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Paige Senior Session | Canterbury High School | Ft. Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

It was such a pleasure getting to know Paige a little better on a gorgeous fall Indiana night!  Paige is not only a beauty, but quite possibly one of the sweetest girls I've met in a long time. We had such a fun time talking about travel, food, and her plans after Canterbury. Paige, I cannot wait to see what comes next for you!  Congratulations!   

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Steffy Family Photos | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller


Sometimes I feel like a broken record on here. I know that I say this all of the time, but I really am surrounded by amazing families. Y'all make this so much fun. 

The Steffy crew was a total blast. This family is a high energy, giggly, joking kind of group. Love it! There was always someone running, cracking a joke, laughing, or dancing. Speaking of dancing, there is a short video clip at the end of this post!

Just kidding! But, boy that would have been an awesome video! 

But honestly, how cute are they? Those hats (and man scarves of course)?!?!?!

and who doesn't love some end of the session cuddles

Thank you, Steffy family, for a wonderful, fun filed evening! 

Alyssa | Homestead High School |Class of 2016| Fort Wayne Senior Photography

We had such a wonderful session, and I was so glad to get to know her!  She is a cheerleader and very involved in school.  This awesome athlete is such a beauty, too!  

Thanks for such a wonderful session, Alyssa! Cannot wait to see what the future has in store

for you. 

Ellie Senior Session Class of 2016

One of the best parts of this journey is reconnecting with people. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I saw Ellie and her wonderful family. Needless to say...wooza! What a beautiful young woman you have grown up to be! Simply stunning. 

Ellie was such a natural and super photogenic! Made it hard to decide which images to edit!

It was such a joy catching up with you. And I cannot wait to see what you do next... college and beyond. No doubt that you will move mountains.