Lindzy Family Session | Roanoke, Indiana Family Photographer | Photography by Meg Miller


Watching families grow is truly amazing. Seeing their relationships grown even stronger. Getting to see toddlers grow into independent young children. Observing parents' pride as they look at their children. All of these things took place in my time with the lovely Lindzy family.

Lindzy family, thank you for letting me watch your sweet family grow again and again!  It is such an honor!


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Caudell Family Session | Roanoke, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

Oh Caudell family... y'all are the best. I'm gonna let me drawl hang out just like it does when I'm around Serenity. When you get two girls from southern Indiana together it is just bound to happen. 

I have to first admit that when Serenity asked me to photograph their family I was beyond shocked and humbled... and slightly nervous...very nervous. Gage is an extremely talented photographer. If you don't follow his work, you're missing out! Do it! Thank heavens for sweet Lyla who took all (ok most) of those nerves away with her irresistible smile. I can still hear her giggle when I look at these pictures.

Caudell family, thank you so much for!  I had the best time in downtown Roanoke and hunting for creek critters with you!  

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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Wilkins Family Session

This is one amazing group of people right here. Look at those smiles! I was so excited to spend time with them in lovely Roanoke, Indiana. The downtown is incredibly charming.... basically like these guys...Perfect fit. 

And then off for a special treat. When you visit Roanoke, Moose and Mollie's is a must! 

Couldn't you just eat them up? All so adorable! 

Thank you so much for a wonderfully fun evening and for letting me capture your memories! Love you all!