fall session

Sackett Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller


One of many things I love about this photography journey is meeting new families!  I was introduced to the Sackett family after they won on a session with me through the Brains for Hope silent auction. If you haven't read about Brains for Hope, take a minute and read their amazing story!

When I sat down to read through Keri's questionaire responses, I was overwhelmed by her love for her family. It is obvious that she views each member of her family as a pure blessing!  And after I spent more time with her sweet kiddos and husband, it was very also obvious that they feel the exact same way about her! Can't wait to share a sneak at our gorgeous night!

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Harris Family Mini Session | Photography by Meg Miller | Fort Wayne, IN

I have to brag on this momma for a bit. Allison is that friend. The friend you can always call when you need to vent. The friend who doesn't judge you when you arrive to school forgetting your shoes but laughs along with you (yes, that did happen). I could go on and on, but so very thankful for her and your friendship.  And really that last statement goes for all 4 in the Harris family.... all amazing people that we are blessed to have as friends. 

PS-we had no fun at all during these photos... cough, cough, cough. 


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Fisher Family Session | Photography by Meg Miller | Ft. Wayne, Indiana

This is one of my favorite sessions to date. These four were an absolute blast to be around!  They were the type of family that really enjoys being around each other. During the middle of the session, Amy yelled out "AHHH I love my family so much!" Gave me chills. Just love it!   Fisher family thank you so for giving me the honor of photographing your beautiful family! 

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Mayer Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

This family is always a blast to be around. These sweet kiddos are all full of infectious giggles. I cannot tell you how excited I get to work with amazing families year after year!  Such an honor! Thank you Travis and Jennifer! You are such a gorgeous family and it was so fun to hang out and capture your memories! xo

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Paul Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

It is such a privilege to work with families like the Pauls. The fact that they trust me me capture their family repeatedly is such an honor. Oh how I love watching these boys grow!  We were blessed with a beautiful October night. The kind you wish for and want to soak up until the very last ray of sun is gone.... and we did just that. We played, ran, laughed and soaked up all of the wonderful fall sunset.  Paul family, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with me again!  Love you guys! 


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Senk Family Session | Columbia City, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

Those who know me well, know that I may have a slight obsession with red barns, big properties, and amazing light. My kids may or may not frequently yell 'MOM!!!! beautiful red barn with stunning light!' Poor things are brainwashed. 

When I pulled up to the Senk's beautiful home I was blown away! Their property is blessed with gorgeous buildings (including a red barn!!!), adorable animals, stunning light, and wonderful humans. I loved hearing about the chickens, horse, donkey, dogs, and cats!  And of course I have to mention how beautiful these three sisters are!  Couldn't help but smile around these 3. 

Thank you, Senk family, for a beautiful night in your wonderful home!  I could have soaked it up all night!!!

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Wallace Family Session | Ft. Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

You may remember this wonderful crew.... I mean who can forget those precious curls and award winning smiles? I didn't know it was possible, but this family has gotten even more adorable since last fall. 

Wallace family, thank you, once again, for sharing a beautiful fall evening with me. There is nothing better than soaking up your giggles, kiddo energy, and of course those curls. Love you bunches!  

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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Collins Family Mini Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

Oh Collins family.... you are such a pleasure to work with! It is so much fun to see just how much you truly enjoy one another's company. That is a real gift! 

And can we talk about your wonderful boys?  These guys were so well behaved and smiley!  You are all simply a joy to be around!  Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with me on a lovely August afternoon ! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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Law Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

I'm so very excited to share this adorable family with you. This session was so light-hearted and fun. I love photographing families in their own homes. It just feels so natural and everyone is so comfortable! 

These two were the perfect combination of sweet, fun, and charm. Aren't these the sweetest little faces??? 

and after all this indoor cuteness, we got in some fun in the snow! 

Laws-you were amazing to work with!  Thank you so much for letting me capture your memories!  

Blackburn Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

I said on their Facebook post that I couldn't say enough wonderful things about this family. I meant it! Megan was one of my daughter's first teachers. She is incredibly kind, funny, and oh so loving. My daughter glows when she talks about Megan. This gentle, caring spirit and great sense of humor is definitely carried on in both of their beautiful children!  

Thank you lovely Blackburn family! Loved sharing an afternoon with all of you! 

Torres Family Pictures | Columbia City, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

I love when the location is close to my client's heart! It makes the shoot even more fun & meaningful AND it is always so great to see people shine in their natural environment. 

So when the Torres clan asked if I would meet them at the barn, I jumped at the opportunity. These animals lovers cannot get enough of their two sweet horses.  

How sweet are they? 

Thank you Torres ladies!  I ALWAYS enjoy time with you and ESPECIALLY time with you at the barn. 

Steffy Family Photos | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller


Sometimes I feel like a broken record on here. I know that I say this all of the time, but I really am surrounded by amazing families. Y'all make this so much fun. 

The Steffy crew was a total blast. This family is a high energy, giggly, joking kind of group. Love it! There was always someone running, cracking a joke, laughing, or dancing. Speaking of dancing, there is a short video clip at the end of this post!

Just kidding! But, boy that would have been an awesome video! 

But honestly, how cute are they? Those hats (and man scarves of course)?!?!?!

and who doesn't love some end of the session cuddles

Thank you, Steffy family, for a wonderful, fun filed evening! 

November Mini Sessions | Kelly, Stacey and Hoffman Families | Fort Wayne, IN | Photography by Meg Miller

We have had an incredibly beautiful fall this year! I was crossing my fingers that this lovely weather would stay for our November mini sessions!  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day or better families to spend it with! Thanks to each of you!

The wonderfully adorable Kelly Family

The always stylish and oh so playful Stacey Family

and the sweet and smiley Hoffman Family

Thank you for an afternoon full of giggles, games, running, and smiles! AND thank you for choosing me to capture your memories! 

Daughtery Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

Always love connecting with a new family. These four were fabulous! Check out these adorable kiddo outfits!

Mom had recommended this beautiful spot and I'm so very glad she did! The evening was beautiful! And that sunset?!?! Wooza! 

Thank you, Daughtery family, for sharing this stunning evening with me. Loved meeting each of you and talking kids, great neighborhoods, and of course, travel. 

Chaille Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

There are countless wonderful things about doing this. See? It is so much fun I can't say 'about this job.'  But, what ranks as one of my favorite things is getting to really know families. I have met and even spent time around the beautiful Chaille family, but after this evening, I feel like I know them much better!

What a kind, loving, and connected group. I am so thankful to get to know you all just a little bit better. These three were perfect-fun, full of energy and oh so sweet. 

Thank you lovely Chaille family!

Sturges Family Session | Fort Wayne, IN | Photography by Meg Miller

Well, we didn’t have a gorgeous day, but a family that looks like this more than makes up for it! This was my first time meeting the Sturges family, and they were wonderful. They are so in love with this adorable girl and cannot wait to welcome another sweet baby soon! Elizabeth you are glowing!

Thank you for a wonderful evening Sturges family!

Paul Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

Spend a Saturday morning hanging out with this adorable crew while they drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn? ummmm yes please!

How cute are they? 

And thank you, crazy Indiana weather for allowing us to hop outside for a few minutes and get some great giggles in. 

Thank you beautiful Paul family!  I'm so glad that we FINALLY met and thrilled that you chose me to hang with you and capture your memories. 



Wing Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller


I was first introduced to this family when my daughter and the youngest Wing daughter hit it off as 2 year olds. My daughter instantly loved this sweet girl and honestly I do, too. Over the next several months, I got to know her momma and it became very clear where this sweet girl got her sense of humor, kindness, and beauty. Needless to say, the other Wings are just as wonderful!  

Do you know the song Whole Wide World by Mindy Glendhill? If not, check it out... it kept popping in my head when I was editing these

Thank you Wing family for a wonderful session and for being such wonderful friends! 

Yaruchyk Family Session | Fort Wayne Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

This family.... Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? 

So often parents show up and they are beyond stressed. I can tell almost as soon as they get out of the car. I have three kids (and a husband who sometimes counts as one-yes he would say this, too). I get it. Getting things orchestrated, people dressed, AND making sure you look your best is no easy task. Oh and making sure everyone is fed and happy... anyway, yes, I get it. Then you get to the picture location and you just want your kids to behave. You're stressed because you think they have to be on their best behavior to get that one.perfect.shot. Ok, well let me let you in on a secret... just let them be. Honestly, just let your kiddos be themselves. I taught school for several years and I am around my own crazy crew. Trust me. I can deal with kids... energy, tantrums.... I'm not phased.  

ANYWAY... back to this sweet family.... they did just that! Their kids are hilarious, smiley, energetic little people and you know what? Mom and Dad just let them be. In fact, Molly even encouraged it-may I please see those dance moves soon, Molly? 

Aren't these people great? 

I had such a blast with you (and the strange weird Red Power Ranger who followed us?!?).  Thank you for letting your little people be their wonderful selves! 

Thank you for letting me capture your memories, Yaruchyk family!




Stewart Family Pictures | Fort Wayne Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

Brooke is one of those people who ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Her kind words and positive (also humorous) outlook on life are overwhelmingly fun and contagious. Seriously, try to spend an hour with Brooke and not laugh. I double dog dare ya. Impossible. 

Did I mention she has one wonderful husband and two adorable sons? Can you tell this family has fun together? 

See what I mean? 

Thank you, Stewart family!