Steffy Family Photos | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller


Sometimes I feel like a broken record on here. I know that I say this all of the time, but I really am surrounded by amazing families. Y'all make this so much fun. 

The Steffy crew was a total blast. This family is a high energy, giggly, joking kind of group. Love it! There was always someone running, cracking a joke, laughing, or dancing. Speaking of dancing, there is a short video clip at the end of this post!

Just kidding! But, boy that would have been an awesome video! 

But honestly, how cute are they? Those hats (and man scarves of course)?!?!?!

and who doesn't love some end of the session cuddles

Thank you, Steffy family, for a wonderful, fun filed evening! 

Stockmaster Family Pictures | Fort Wayne Indiana

Consider yourself warned.

This family is so.stinking.cute. 

I hate to say I told you so... but....

and they are just as sweet and fun as they are adorable. 

Cannot wait to meet their new babe in a few short months! 

Thank you, Stockmasters for an evening full of fun, laughs, and great memories! Hope to be able to work with all of you again!