365 Project Weeks 2 and 3

Just a little update. Some scenes from the past two weeks. 

We've had fun in the snow, lots of chapped lips...

celebrated a birthday, enjoyed lots of reading and car play...

oh and some peek a boo

and, well, you know... it isn't always sunshine and butterflies.... 

ps-no, I didn't plan this church pew under the cross. It was moved from our kitchen as I attempted to clean the grout (blah)... but once there, it was just too comical to move back AND always makes me laugh when they're in timeout. 

pss-he's not crying because he's in timeout.... he's crying because I won't sit NEXT to him in timeout. You have to laugh. 

365 Project

This year I'm going to attempt to complete a 365 project. If you're not familiar with them, a 365 project is merely taking one picture a day. Sounds easy enough, right? Ha! I decided this project would be a great opportunity to document our family AND work on some personal goals that I have for my photography. 

Ok... week one: 

basic indoor winter chaos....

home renovations.... when you have an old home, any project is a little interesting. honestly, kind of like the old box of chocolates quote.

While taking down old trim, we found square nails. I didn't even know there was such a thing?!  need to do some research about when those were used.