Laurie Sibling Shoot | Photography by Meg Miller | Fort Wayne, IN

So I'm going to be honest with you about something. Many photographers are intimidated by older kids. Silly right? I can honestly say that I have been, too. I'm not sure why we are. I'm not sure what it is about older kids that we find intimidating. Maybe its the cool factor or the teen years in general. It could be the height or heck, I don't know....

BUT I have to say, I LOVE older kids.

I'm telling you-they're awesome!  I love chatting with them-even if they do think I'm a TOTAL dork. I love hearing about their lives, their stories, their hopes and dreams.... it really is an element of the 'job' that I enjoy.

Now enter the Laurie family. Let me tell you folks, these kiddos are a direct reflection of their parents-in all the best ways possible. They each have a great sense of humor, smiles that light up their entire faces, they tell wonderful stories, and, of course, are oh so polite. Needless to say our time together was filled with ALOT of belly laughs, hilarious stories, and a beautiful sunset.

Thank you, Laurie family for trusting me with your precious memories!!  Your sweet children are pretty amazing people!!

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