Caudell Family Session | Roanoke, Indiana Family Photographer | Photography by Meg Miller


These three make my heart so happy. Not only are they truly a joy-and a heck of a lot of fun- to be around, but they really value photography. You see, I get two main types of clients: I have clients who want updated portraits. Whether it be for portraits around their home, Christmas cards, Grandparents, or because their youngest just has the cutest dimples right now.... they want new portraits. And yep, been there. I get that!

And then I have clients who see their portraits as freezing time and as artwork. They value the process (no that doesn't mean that they love picking out outfits, because no one loves that). They get the vision that I'm trying to convey and they understand the feelings that I'm trying to capture.

To be honest, I really value and understand both types of clients, because I have been both. But what I will say, is it makes the whole process even that much more fun, when I know a feeling is conveyed through a portrait. When I know that a momma will look at a portrait a get goosebumps because she remembers how sweet and snuggly her daughter was... yep that gets me.

So Caudell family, thanks for being you. I always love my time with you and it goes by way too quickly. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have. XO

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