Henry Family Session | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

You wanna know what makes me do a little happy dance at a shoot?

You might say when a family shows up with great outfits-yes, of course that's amazing!!!! 

Happy, well fed kids? Sure, yep...always appreciate that.

Relaxed parents? Yes! That is honestly such an amazing treat.

But, the number one thing that I love is to have families that come to shoots truly happy to be with each other. It may sound silly, but families who really and truly are excited to be together are the best. Even if getting everyone (including mom) made them all sweat (is this just our family). And even if there was child (or dad) bribery to get everyone to our time together.... I'm telling you the families that really enjoy each other.... well you can tell... and really does show in pictures. 

Well, the Henry's are one such family. They are beyond fun to work with! They get one another, appreciate one another, and all of the silly things that make them unique. Arden-your infectious giggle still has me smiling! Finn you are such a sweetheart and little ham-Annie, we need to get this kid a camera! So fun to watch him take shots at the end. 

Thank you, Henry family! It was truly my pleasure to spend time with all of you! 

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