Jordan Family | Mother's Day Session | Ft. Wayne, IN

Sue, I knew I loved you from the moment we started chatting. You have such a calm, caring spirit (it must be the teacher in you)! Then I heard the words that make my heart sing,

'The candids are always my favorite.'

Oh Sue! Yes! Mine too! I so hope you love these candids... and the others.....

Especially when photographing children, the candids are ALWAYS my favorite. In my opinion, the candids do such a better job of capturing the child where they are at this moment. They capture the little things that you so desperately want to remember as they get older.... the way their curls catch the light.... that funny dimple when they belly laugh, or the adorable nose wrinkle... whatever your 'something' is, my goal is capture as many of those special things that makes your child so special. 

Sue, it was such a pleasure getting to know you and your sweet granddaughters. A very Happy Mother's Day to you! 

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