VanOsdol Family Session | Ft. Wayne, Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

I love seeing families annually!  Love it!  It is so fun to reconnect, see how much kiddos have grown, here about what's new in their lives and see how much still remains the same. I want to to check on that sweet dimple  and those curls that were so tight last year. Will they still love the same activities, books, and shows? Probably not.... and I can't wait to hear about all of it!  

Alexa pointed out that our session from last year was exactly one year ago. How cool is that? Exactly one year ago! Ryan has grown and changed so very much. He still has the most adorable eyes and smile. He is now on the move and pumps his right arm in the cutest little way and sticks his tongue out when he's really thinking.... just adorable!   

Thank you! Thank you-VanOsdol family!  I always love our time together and you just seem to get sweeter and sweeter!  

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