Yaruchyk Family Session | Fort Wayne Indiana | Photography by Meg Miller

This family.... Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? 

So often parents show up and they are beyond stressed. I can tell almost as soon as they get out of the car. I have three kids (and a husband who sometimes counts as one-yes he would say this, too). I get it. Getting things orchestrated, people dressed, AND making sure you look your best is no easy task. Oh and making sure everyone is fed and happy... anyway, yes, I get it. Then you get to the picture location and you just want your kids to behave. You're stressed because you think they have to be on their best behavior to get that one.perfect.shot. Ok, well let me let you in on a secret... just let them be. Honestly, just let your kiddos be themselves. I taught school for several years and I am around my own crazy crew. Trust me. I can deal with kids... energy, tantrums.... I'm not phased.  

ANYWAY... back to this sweet family.... they did just that! Their kids are hilarious, smiley, energetic little people and you know what? Mom and Dad just let them be. In fact, Molly even encouraged it-may I please see those dance moves soon, Molly? 

Aren't these people great? 

I had such a blast with you (and the strange weird Red Power Ranger who followed us?!?).  Thank you for letting your little people be their wonderful selves! 

Thank you for letting me capture your memories, Yaruchyk family!